Breathtaking speech by Miriam Novak at UN General Assembly


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

For two thousand years, we have lived among you, offering you our knowledge, discoveries, and inventions.

At the UN Special General Assembly in New York, held at the request of the leaders of the European Union and the New Arab Bloc, the representative of Israel, Miriam Novak, spoke.

Standing at the podium, in front of the green marble wall of the main UN hall, Miriam Novak said into the microphone:

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“Ladies and gentlemen! As you know, eighty years ago, Europe, led by Germany, carried out an ethnic purge: it exterminated almost all the Jews who lived there. French, Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians – all helped the fascists.

You killed at least six million Jews, including newborn babies. Each of them could have given the world children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, so you can multiply the number of killed by four or five…

And now, when we are again plundered, beaten, and killed in all your countries, and your courts release the murderers, you tell us that we have no right to defend ourselves?

We have no right to warn our enemies that we will respond to a new ethnic cleansing with an even more powerful strike?

Perhaps you can name another nation whose extermination is so fanatically sought by your new Iranian-led international community? And why?

For two thousand years, we have lived among you, offering you our knowledge, discoveries, and inventions.

We have given you the alphabet, the Bible, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the twelve apostles, Spinoza, Disraeli, Columbus, Newton, Nostradamus, Heine, Mendelssohn, Einstein, Singer, Eisenstein, Freud, Landau, Gershwin, Offenbach, Rubinstein, Saint-Saëns, Kafka, Lombroso, Montaigne, Mahler, Marcel Marceau, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Yehudi Menuhin, Stefan Zweig, Arthur Miller, Maya Plisetskaya, Stanley Kubrick, Irving Berlin, Edward Teller, Lion Feuchtwanger, Paul Newman, Robert Oppenheimer, Benny Goodman, Eugène Ionesco, Imre Kálmán, Marcel Proust, Marc Chagall, Barbra Streisand, Claude Lelouch, Steven Spielberg, Anouk Aimée, Leonard Bernstein, Norbert Wiener, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Andrew Lloyd Webber and thousands of other scientists and educators.

Imagine how many such geniuses could have been born from the millions of Jews killed by you and then from their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

But these unborn geniuses disappeared forever in crematoriums, burned synagogues, and mass graves.

So, do you really think that your resolutions, boycotts, and sanctions can bring us back to the gas chambers?

No, ladies and gentlemen! Having lived among you for two thousand years, we have had to adapt to you and learn not only your languages but also some aspects of your psychology.

Otherwise, how would we have survived in Persia without Persian perfidy? In Spain without the Spanish cruelty? In Germany without German submission to discipline? In France without French avarice?

In Poland without Polish vanity, and in Russia without the oaths and the Russian habit of court latrines, where one must squat and talk about one’s spiritual greatness? — (Laughter in the room)

“And that is why I will tell you frankly: yes, we are not angels. Among us there have been international crooks and gangsters, Lansky, Medoff and Epstein, thieves, looters, adventurers and even pedophiles.

But in all our common history, there has never been a Jewish Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. There have never been Jewish Josef Mengele and Erik Koch, Jewish Adolf Eichmann and Idi Amin, Jewish Andrei Chikatilo and Li Zicheng, Jewish Jeffrey Dahmer and Jean Bokassa, Jewish Fritz Haarmann and Ted Bundy, Jewish Nikolai Dzhumagaliev and Albert Fish.

We have never made necklaces with human ears, never scalped, never eaten human flesh, never made soap with human fat, never made lampshades with human skin, never made mattresses with women’s hair, never burned people in religious temples, and never killed children in gas chambers. Instead, we created things that changed the world for the better.

Drip irrigation, seawater desalination, Intel processors and Centrino and Core Duo platforms, the world’s smallest DNA computer and the world’s first USB flash drive, nanowire and camera pill, multiple sclerosis drug and exoskeleton, Google Glass for the blind and baby breathing monitor, The radar that can see through walls, the holographic reality artificial intelligence synthesizer, and hundreds of other wonderful things.

Representing only 0.2% of the world’s population, we have given the world 32% of the Nobel Prize winners. Yes, I forgot to tell you: we have never consumed and do not consume the blood of Christian infants to make matzah. Already in 1913, three Orthodox experts on Judaism proved this at the famous Beilis trial in Kiev.

In 1962, the Second Vatican Council lifted our guilt for the crucifixion of Christ, and in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI declared that “the Christian cannot be anti-Semitic, we have the same roots.”

In 2019, his successor, Pope Francis I, said that “every Christian has a Jew in him” and that “one cannot be a true Christian without acknowledging one’s Jewish roots.”

In addition, the head of the global Catholic Church said that “the covenant between God and Jews continues to apply” and “that anti-Semitism includes not only attacks on Jews, but also criticism of Israel.”

Finally, in June 2020, the Rev. John Hagee, the leader of American Evangelical Christians, published his “Appeal to the World,” in which he said simply and clearly, “Why do we, eight million patriotic American Christians, support Israel? Because God is on Israel’s side! If a Christian says he doesn’t like Jews, then his false Christianity is very dubious. God says, “I will bless those who bless Israel! I will curse those who curse Israel!”

And now I want to ask the European delegates in this room: who do you think you are? Are you Christians or not? When you pray to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the holy apostles, are you not praying to the Jews? And when you say that you carry the image of Christ in your heart, do you not admit that you carry a Jew in your soul?

Even if you are a hard-core atheist, your ancestors were Christians for two thousand years, and therefore, Judaism is in your blood – whether you like it or not!

So, ladies and gentlemen. If you insist on the international boycott of Israel because you continue to hate Jews and want the total extermination of Jews on earth, then be consistent – start with yourselves, do seppuku! It will be an honest ethnic purge.

And now, as we say here in America, I have news for you. Now, after the Christians, it is the turn of the Muslims to get rid of anti-Semitism.

Yes, it won’t be easy, but just as the Almighty helped humanity get rid of the bubonic plague, anthrax, cholera, and coronavirus, He will help you get rid of anti-Semitism.

You ask: why? Why has the Almighty brought us back to Israel and forced you to give up your desire to destroy us? For He has to have a purpose, doesn’t He?

I will give you my personal opinion. For according to His purpose, every nation is to bring to mankind what it does best.

The French – cooks and perfumers.

The English and the Russians – writers and poets.

Italians – artists and musicians.

The Germans – soldiers and philosophers.

And we Jews – geniuses.

Geniuses who, in all fields, are advancing humanity from barbarism and idolatry to culture, humanism and technical progress. This is our mission, which we have been accomplishing for two thousand years, despite everything!

So whether we have genetic, torsional, nuclear, tectonic, cosmic, or other defense weapons, that’s none of your business! Whether you allow us to have defensive weapons or not, we don’t care.

As one of the founders of our state, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, once said: “Whether you like us or not, we don’t care, we arrived before you and we will leave after you.”

In a just fairness and supporting the Jewish position. Consider:

Jesus Christ (true God and true Man) was a Jew – all necessary Jewish rites were done for Him from birth till burial.

He was Jewish all through, teaching in the Temple and Synagogues, etc. When He resurrected, His human Body became glorified, and in It He ascended into Heaven to sit at the right Hand of God the Father.

That Body sitting on the Divine Throne is Jewish.

The greatest created being, Blessed Virgin Mary was a Jew – Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mediatrix of all graces.

St Joseph, putative father of Jesus Christ, was a Jew.

All the Apostles were Jews

St Paul was a Jew.
Moses was a Jew.
All the Patriarchs and Prophets were Jews.
David was a Jew., etc

And they are in Heaven today.

Can we rightly expect all these to fold their hands and their people will be wiped out?
No way!
Israel and the Jews are invincible.

By Miriam Novak is Israel’s representative at UN General Assembly.


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