24 Russian soldiers die from poisoned food offered them by schoolgirls


Photo: Russian troops.

24 Russian soldiers die from poisoned food offered them by schoolgirls

No fewer than 24 Russian soldiers fighting in the Ukraine war have reportedly died, and many mor hospitalized, after eating poisoned food provided by “two nice girls” at a military checkpoint in the city of Simferopol in occupied Crimea.

Russian local media report that the two schoolgirls approached the soldiers with a generous offering of vodka, fish, sausage, bread and cheese.

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According to the Telegram channel Kremlin Snuffbox: “They told the guards that they wanted to thank our boys for everything, for protecting them.

“The guys took vodka and food, drank with their colleagues, and ate. And many were poisoned.”

The Ukrainian resistance group, Crimean Combat Seagulls, later stated that in addition to the 24 Russian soldiers who were killed, a further eleven were admitted to the hospital.

The group said: “The arsenic and strychnine tasted unforgettable.”

They added: “You could die of pleasure! Which was just what the soldiers did, and 11 more were hospitalized.

“We continue to work and urge everyone to exterminate Russians on the peninsula like cockroaches.”

According to Russian media reports, those responsible for the incident have not been apprehended, but an investigation is still ongoing.

Poisoning attacks on Russian forces in occupied Ukraine have been recorded in the past.

In April two Russian soldiers were reportedly killed in a similar incident.

Meanwhile, last month four FBS agents died after consuming poisoned food and alcohol at a restaurant in the city of Melitopol.

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