About Us

periscopeinternational.com is an independent online news website that is officially based in Abuja, Nigeria. It is a groundbreaking media outfit that is focused on delivering the best of News and Current Affairs on the go to our teeming global audience.

Citizen Journalism and teamwork are our watchword and are at the core of our modus operandi, where citizen journalists are major contributors and constitute an integral part of our operations, while our stories are presented in line with global best standards in professional journalism.

Founded in April 2001, first as a hardcopy-only newsmagazine before metamorphosing into a full time online global media outfit exactly 20 years after in 2021, periscopeinternational.com saddles itself with the responsibility of filling a lacuna in the saturated Nigerian media space and raising the bar of journalism in the competitive global media arena.

As a general interest news agency, which is conscious of its constitutional role and rights as the fourth estate of the realm, we bring to bear our huge impact and commitment to offer our country and indeed the world the type of media that speaks for the people and nudge our nation on the path of developmental strides and social reengineering without compromising any iota of professional ethics.

In terms of our philosophical content, without minding whose oxen is gored, we hold governments accountable for their raison d’etre and for the observance of the tenets of democracy, the rule of law, human rights, transparency and zero corruption in governance, educational revolution, food security, climate change, cultural rebirth, economic development, as well as national peace and security, particularly against the backdrop of incessant insurgency, terrorism, armed banditry and kidnappings, among others, all of which we deliberately amplify and bring to the front burner.