1. Mini Rectangle (1×2’’) without link = N120,000 per week
    2. Mini Rectangle with a web link = 420,000 per week
    3. Medium Rectangle (2.5’’x2.5”) without web link = N170,000 per week
    4. Medium Rectangle with link N520,000 per week
    5. Top banner (Horizontal) without web link = N370,000 per week
    6. Top banner (horizontal) with web link = N620,000 per week
    7. Horizontal banner (below) without link = N220,000 per week
    8. Horizontal banner with web link = N470,00 per week.
    9. Special Feature/Supplement N620,000 (A4 size on words) per week (Same rate for full pictorial adverts)
    10. Sky scrapper without link = N370,000 per week
    11. Sky scrapper with web link N620,000 per week
    12. Newsletter = N520,000 per month

All adverts attract 7.5% VAT.

Every insertion runs for a week on the website

Advertisers are to provide their artworks saved in JPEG or GIF format one week before publication.

For more information, contact the Advert Unit on

0703 492 9290 or 0813 475 4469

Email: [email protected]