Anambra PDP governorship aspirant’s campaign coordinators swindle him of N225m

Dr. Godwin Maduka
Dr. Godwin Maduka

Dr. Godwin Maduka, a U.S-based medical doctor who got five votes in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primaries on Saturday was allegedly swindled of the sum of N225m by his ten campaign coordinators.

Sources close to the aspirant told Periscope International that Maduka’s dismal performance in the election was partially caused by the apparent conspiracy of the coordinators who switched off their cellphones and disappeared with the money which was meant for the party delegates.

He was defeated by his opponent, Valentine Ozigbo, who scored 62 votes in the primary election.

Maduka allegedly released the sum of N225 million to the ten campaign coordinators on Friday night in his hotel room preparatory to woo delegates to vote for him on Saturday.

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The billionaire physician who was left in shock was said to have said that he actually released the sum $450,000 (about N225 million) in cash to his coordinators who thereafter absconded with the hard currency.

“About 10 of his staff reportedly collected the cash from him at the hotel where he was lodging and became unreachable later on.

“Lion (Dr Maduka) is fuming right now. Some of his guys just disappeared into thin air with his money. I think they see it as their only chance to get anything out of Maduka.

“I believe they acted because things are not looking good for him as he does not have the required delegates to swing the primary in his favour.

“They must have connived to run away with the money because their numbers have been switched off,” the source said.

A visibly angry Maduka was seen shouting at anyone who came close to him on at about 5.00pm on Saturday while he was frantically making .phone calls to those who absconded with the money.

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