Billionaire ex-Skye Bank boss enmeshed in paternity tussle with female lawyer


Photo: Ayeni and young lawyer, Ada, embroiled in paternity imbroglio.

Mr Tunde Ayeni, a billionaire businessman and former chairman of defunct Skye Bank, is currently enmeshed in a paternity tussle with a female lawyer in Abuja.

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Sources said that the 30-year-old lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu, who Ayeni put in the family way, was a classmate of his daughter.

A source from Ada’s family said that the duo actually had a relationship and that Ada has a baby for the former Sky Bank Chairman.

He said, “Isn’t it funny that Tunde Ayeni is in a pregnancy dispute with a 30 years old girl, younger than his first and only daughter?”

“He suddenly realised his folly and the lifetime pain this has brought on his long suffering wife and children.

“Not only is Adaobi Alagwu as young as his daughter, she was in fact in the same class as his daughter.

“He dated and flaunted her openly and with no regard for his family and friends then.

“It was Ayeni  who encouraged Ada to get pregnant, and many witnesses can attest to it.

“He gifted her his building which is located right next to his business office out of fear he might lose her.

“He also gifted her the house where she lives in Lakeview in Abuja, and purchased a choice property for her mother to live in.

“Ayeni also set up Adaobi’s chambers. Her chamber is at 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Abuja.

“He also gifted her a multi-million Naira Range Rover from his fleet and was constantly at her office even in the full glare of his hardworking staff next block.

“Many times in the past, she had actually walked out of the relationship with Ayeni, only for him to run to her mother and other family members on bended knees to beg.”

However, Ayeni has in a statement issued by his media officer denied being the father of Adaobi’s baby, adding that Ayeni has got nothing to do with Ada’s pregnancy and baby.

According to Ayeni, the paternity claim by Ada is nothing but a wild claim at blackmailing the billionaire for the sake of getting her hands on some of his wealth.

The billionaire businessman claimed that he met and dated Ada briefly in 2019, and being a perfect gentleman he had presumed her to be a decent and respectable lady, one who can be considered for future prospects, should the possibility arise.

According to him, on realizing that he could not cope with her numerous “escapades” and being a highly responsible individual, he called off the relationship at once within just a matter of months.

Ayeni said that having ended the relationship with Ada, he moved on with his life since 2019 and had put all the unpleasant experience in the past.

He said that the paternity scandal between him and Ada that is gaining grounds within the FCT came to him as a rude shock and  highly traumatizing.

The statement reads in part, “Ada and her family should provide any evidence to prove all of this.

“Clearly, she and her family are shamelessly on a mission to slander Mr. Tunde Ayeni, cause him reputational harm and lay claim to his wealth at all cost through the false accusation of paternity.

“To continue to spread this unfounded tale is not only unfair to our friend, but also an embarrassment to the lady who knows the real father of her baby.”

Periscope International gathered that Ayeni had actually snatched Ada from his bosom friend, who was initially dating her, by outspending him.

It was also gathered that Ada has vowed to drag the billionaire businessman to court if he does not own up to the paternity of her child.

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