Coup: Algeria deploys armed forces to Niger border to stop ECOWAS intervention


Photo: Algerian armored tanks and troops heading towards border with Niger Republic.

Coup: Algeria deploys armed forces to Niger border to stop ECOWAS intervention

Algeria has started to send armor and troops to its border with Niger in readiness to intervene in the event of an attack on Niger by ECOWAS.

Reports say Algerian armored vehicles are on their way to its borders with Niger Republic to support the country’s military rulers who recently took over power via a coup d’etat.

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Algeria is an openly pro-Russian country, which foreign policy thrust is anchored on good neighbourliness.

It therefore supports the people of Niger in their quest for full sovereignty, and also against the perceived harmful effects that an intervention in Niger would have on the migratory flow into its territory.

Algeria is one of the largest armies in the world in terms of numbers.

The Algerian army says it is studying all intervention options in favor of the people and the military authorities.

Periscope International reports that ECOWAS led by Nigeria is mulling the deployment of an intervention force of its members to flush out the military leaders from power and reinstate the overthrown President Mohammed Bazoum.

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