Features: Developing strategic leadership for sustainable success during a pandemic


Photo: Dr Alim Abubakre, TEXEM CEO

By Razak Owolabi (NAN)

Globally, the challenges faced by governments, business leaders, foreign and local firms including service providers and knowledge based outfits, in the full glare of the raging COVID-19 don’t need to be over-elaborated.

While some of these stakeholders have been weighed down by the challenges, thus resulting in poor outputs and outright suspension of operations, some have been innovative in their operational strategies, as such they are still surviving against all odds.

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Among such firms is the UK based TEXEM, an acronym for These Executive Minds, founded by British -Nigerian academic and entrepreneur, Dr Alim Abubakre.

TEXEM not only equips leaders and chief executives in Africa and the UK on leadership survival strategies in volatile periods like in the present pandemic scenario, it provides comprehensive actionable insights for leaders to positively impact their organisation and by extension contribute to nation building.

TEXEM maintains its role as a leading and innovative consulting firm that consistently offers engaging, exciting and executive-friendly capacity development programmes.

This is done through its dynamic virtual learning platform and her tested and proven methodology for leaders from emerging countries.

TEXEM’s services help organisations, and decision-makers achieve their goals effectively and efficiently, optimise their impact, and thrive in these uncertain times.

The just-concluded TEXEM capacity development programme titled ‘Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Success’ for Senior Executives was delivered with excellent panache.

Furthermore, viable strategic leadership skills were developed in all the participants, who were executives in key sectors of tax administration, insurance, oil and gas, government, banking, the media and so on.

As is its custom, programmes organised by TEXEM mainly focus on leadership, corporate governance, successful implementation of change, stimulating innovation, enhancing organisational performance, and winning strategies.

All these topics are very vital to achieving and maintaining sustainable success in times of uncertainty.

The six-week TEXEM hybrid programme that saw industry leaders challenge assumptions, network, share best practices and brainstorm on inclusive growth, organisational, and nation-building strategies were held virtually via TEXEM’s newly launched learning platform https://learning.texem.co.uk/ and on live sessions between June 12 and July 24.

Programme participants have attested programmes at TEXEM, as adding value and changing lives.

This explains why the organisation remains the forerunner of helping organisations win and assisting leaders to become better strategists and problem solvers in the current challenging, disruptive, fast-paced and competitive operating landscape.

On its methodology

for impactful pedagogical sessions, TEXEM utilised innovative pedagogical tools during the entire capacity development programme right from the first to the sixth week.

For example, customised case studies were deployed during the programme to encourage participants to enhance their cognitive skills, improve their analytical rigour, evaluation skills, and assist them to manage ambiguity better.

TEXEM’s approach to using a range of learning tools comprising discussion, eBooks, short videos and games improved interpersonal skills, stakeholder engagement credentials, decision-making capabilities, communication, leadership quotient and team spirit.

Sessions anchored by sagacious and highly experienced Oxbridge trained faculties utilised; coaching, audio-visuals, role-play, and relevant examples to stimulate self-reflection, encourage personal development plans and inspire a growth mindset.

The key themes covered during the capacity development programme were leadership for sustainable success, leadership carousels, effective time management, mentorship, negotiation, motivation and change management in uncertain times to develop efficiency and organisational success.

Talking of expected benefits for the Executive, the ultimate goal of the capacity development programme was to develop effective leadership skillsets for sustainable success.

Participants were impressed during the programme, as they better understood why effective leadership has to be a priority in daily activities.

Upon completion of the programme, participants enhanced their self-leadership, team, organisational and societal leadership, for sustainable success.

The following are some of the benefits that participants mentioned that they gleaned from the programme:

Managing office politics for success, building trust for progress,

resolving conflict for optimal sustainable performance and transitioning from functional to organisational leadership (public, private and third sector).

Others are,

leadership for impact, leadership for effective and efficient achievement of goals, influencing and negotiating for symbiotic and sustainable success, and ethical leadership.

Indeed, the six-week programme was a mix of well-planned activities, including an average of one hour per day of self-paced study, captivating group projects, games, networking and interactive live virtual sessions.

The sessions were facilitated by world-renowned scholars and executives whose contribution to the area of good governance and strategic leadership is exemplary.

Some of the faculties who delivered the programme include Oxbridge trained faculties such as, Prof. Roger Delves, professor of Practice in Leadership; Associate Dean Ashridge, Executive Education at Hult International Business School.

Faculties also included, Ambassador John Buck, former UK Ambassador to Portugal and Chairman, Muse quality;

John Peters, Royal Air Force fighter, former Prisoner Of War and Previous Chair of Association of MBAs.

Others are, Dr Tony Raven, CEO, Cambridge University Enterprise,

Prof. Randall Peterson,

professor of Organisational Behaviour; and Academic Director, Leadership Institute, London Business School.

Also on the list are, Dr Rachel Aaron,

former British Ambassador to Belgium and Prof. Paul Griffith;

Professor of Practice, Ashridge, Hult University.

An insight into its virtual-advantage shows that TEXEM encourages executives and organisations to make challenges their vitamins.

The organisation also practices what it preaches. Thus, virtual capacity development programmes have become an essential aspect of TEXEM’s mode of delivery due to the global socio-economic and health pandemic that resulted from the COVID -19 virus.

TEXEM has had various successful virtual programmes, as organisations utilise its tested and proven methodology that makes pedagogy fun, learning engaging, stimulates collaboration and optimises assimilation.

Through TEXEM’s insightful and behavioural changing virtual programmes, the organisation’s distinguished stakeholders who participate in the programmes articulate that they get bumper return on investment from the virtual programmes.

TEXEM’s dynamic methodology helped participants to build an emotional connection to learning and the subject matter, provided an opportunity for feedback and practice; and the programme was customised to individualised teaching.

The participants attested to the fact that they even forgot it was a virtual programme. This is because the interactions were real, as such did not allow for any dull moment.

The quality of TEXEM’s faculties also aided the creation of the right learning atmosphere as they regularly engaged the participants during the session.

The module was designed to reflect how to address organisational challenges in certain and uncertain times for effective and efficient achievement of goals.

Stimulating higher morale, optimising performance, and attaining sustainable success were key benefits that the participants confirmed they learned from the programme.

As TEXEM has always delivered without fail, the conclusion of this programme marked the end of an impactful and life-changing learning experience.

During the grand finale, a three-hour long live virtual session, participants were all charged up to go and deliver impact in their respective organisations.

All the participants are already looking forward to implementing what has been learnt, transforming their organisation and nations.

This could be glimpsed through

their testimonials.

A previous TEXEM delegate, Peter Irene, a Nigerian who is also a former CEO, International Energy Insurance Company, Lagos said:

“I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times.

“Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect” .

Another Nigerian participant, Mr Ibrahim Abdullahi, from the Tax Appeal Tribunal in Abuja, noted:

“I have had such an insightful time. I have learnt more concepts, and TEXEM has kept me on my toes through their various assessments and tasks.

“It did not even feel like a virtual session at all. TEXEM staff have also been very helpful, and the quality of the facilitators cannot be over-emphasised”. (NAN

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