Group Donates Reusable Sanitary Pads to Less Privileged Students in Lagos School

Distribution of reusable sanitary pads to less privileged students at Bright Achievers School, Ilaje, Bariga, in Lagos.

A non-governmental organisation, She Mission Initiatives (SMI), has donated hundreds of reusable sanitary pads free to less privileged students of Bright Achievers School, Ilaje, Bariga, in Lagos.

During a workshop tagged ‘Flow with pride and in dignity’ organised within the school premises, the organisation enlightened the female students on basic health concerns during menstruations.

Speaking at the event, She Mission Initiatives’ coordinator/founder, Mrs. Ozioma Onyenweaku, said statistics have shown that many female students do not know much about menstruation and do not have access to menstrual protection.

She stated that because of the high cost of menstrual pads, many parents could not protect their female children during their periods.

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“We are here to correct misconceptions about menstruation, and to donate menstrual pads to the less privileged female students of Bright Achievers School.

“The menstrual pads we are donating are the washable/reusable pads that can last them up to three years depending on the use.

“Menstrual pads now cost N1,200 and many of their parents cannot afford it, so we decided to visit schools to assist less privileged female students to correct the misconception about menstruation, and to donate menstrual pads to them,” she said.

According to her, many of them do not come to school when menstruating because their parents cannot afford to buy menstrual pads. So, with what we have given them, we believe that they will be able to move confidently.

“We also gave them handbook that explains in simple language what mensuration is all about, and how to handle it when it comes, the effect and the consequences.

“So, with the education we have given them, it will go a long way in helping them to protect themselves during menstrual periods,” she said.

Earlier, while addressing the students, the Executive Director of the organisation, Pearllie Orji said having menstrual periods are nothing to be ashamed of, adding that it’s normal and natural, and the human species would not be here if periods did not exist.

Distribution of reusable sanitary pads to less privileged students at Bright Achievers School, Ilaje, Bariga, in Lagos.

According to her, many less privileged female students have been suffering unhygienically during their menstrual cycles.

She educated the students on body changes, body positivity, adding that during puberty their bodies would go through some changes.

She urged the students to see the transformation from girlhood into womanhood as special, as something to treasure, adding that they have nothing be afraid of.

“Do not be confused about these changes. It’s completely normal. Your breasts start to form, your hips widen, you start growing hair on your private parts of your body, in your armpit too, including menstruation.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. You are completely normal if you’ve started going through these changes and If you’ve not started yet, don’t worry. Your body will start when it feels right.

“It is easy to dislike features that come with puberty maybe like having pimples, mood swings (being happy one minute and sad the next minute), or being uncomfortable with how your body is beginning to look womanly but it is completely normal and you need take pride in these changes. Ensure you look clean, bathe well, eat well, sleep well and stay neat,” she said.

According to her, those girls you see in magazines and you want to look like are not real. They edit those pictures to look extremely attractive and unreal. So, don’t aspire to that standard of beauty.

“Whether you’re fat or slim or tall or short or dark or light-skinned, you are beautiful. Being healthy and clean is all that matters.

“On the need for female child to aspire to greater heights, she urged the students to talk about their dreams, goals and mindset.

“Not everyone will like you! You are not jollof rice! But it’s okay, because you too, won’t like everyone. So, don’t try to make everyone like you. This is dangerous.

“Many bad people have capitalized on this. Because some girls want to be liked at all costs, they remain silent when they are abused or touched because they want to be nice,” she said.

She explained that many girls spent too much time trying to be ‘nice’ to people who do bad things to them, including rape.

“Many girls think of the ‘feelings’ of those who are hurting them. This is not right!

“Dear girls, as you transition into womanhood, do not be scared, embrace it. You are special. Do not let anyone steal your magic.

“Take pride in whom you are and what your body can do. Take up space in the world. Do great things! You are unstoppable,” she said.

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