‘How I lost several suitors because I denied them sex‘ —Nollywood star


Nollywood star, Moyo

‘How I lost several suitors because I denied them sex‘ —Nollywood star

Nigerian movie star, Moyo Lawal, has disclosed that she has lost many suitors because of her decision to maintain her chastity.

Moyo who took to her Instagram page to share her frustration over the issue with her fans, said she has continued to lose suitors due to the fact that she has resolved to deny them sex premarital sex which they want from her.

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According to the actress, her suitors have been blaming her for not acceding to their sexual advances by not ‘allowing the relationship to progress’.

“*I’am * … Possible?? 🙈because the number of suitors who left because I refused eeeh … (oh and they blamed me for not allowing the relationship progress, lik how after waiting just for a few months oooh) but anyways if you can’t beat them… you ?? God help us all,” Moyo posted..

The Nollywood queen who was recently fingered in allegedly dating a married rich man, an allegation that she vehemently denied, is said to be having a burning desire for a settled romantic relationship.

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