How policeman handcuffed, raped me during visit to my son in prison


Photo: The alleged rape victim 

How policeman handcuffed, raped me during visit to my son in prison

A Lagos woman, identified as Gladys, has shared a harrowing account of how she was allegedly raped by a police officer after visiting her son in prison.

Gladys explained that she had left her residence in Ikorodu, Lagos, to visit Kirikiri prison upon hearing that her 20-year-old son had been convicted of murder at the State High Court.

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According to her, since she couldn’t return home that night, she decided to stay at the police barracks, believing it would be a safe place to spend the night.

She stated that she had requested permission from the police to sleep at the barracks and return home the following morning.

However, during the night, an officer snuck into her room after she was allowed to stay.

The police officer, who was later identified and arrested, entered the room where Gladys was sleeping, handcuffed her hands to the bed, and allegedly raped her.

When she tried to raise an alarm, he reportedly threatened her, claiming that no one would hear her no matter how loud she screamed.

Gladys added that the officer sexually assaulted her twice and inflicted injuries to her genital area.

According to Punch, the alleged victim tearfully pleaded for justice, urging the police to arrest the officer and ensure he faces the consequences of his actions.

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