Kuje residents decry government’s poor waste management as refuse dumps litter everywhere


Kuje residents decry government’s poor waste management as refuse dumps litter everywhere

Some residents of Kuje Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, have decried the inability of the council administration to properly evacuate waste in the area.

They residents expressed their concern in separate interviews that the delay in evacuating the refuse could pose serious health threat to residents and the beauty of the environment.

The residents were reacting to the rising heaps of refuse along major roads and open areas across the council area.

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A resident of the Quarters area behind the Kuje Township Stadium, Mr Silas Jigo, said the situation had become worrisome and called on the authorities to urgently evacuate the waste.

Jigo said the rising heap of refuse in the area was not in the interest of the people and human health, especially during the raining season.

“Considering the harmful effects of refuse on human health, the area council administration should do everything possible to rid the town of the indiscriminate dumps.

“Waste evacuation is very necessary to ensure environmental cleanliness and the well-being of the people, but the authorities do not seem to realise this,” he said.

Another resident of Kayarda area, Mrs Racheal Azhigbe, who decried the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in various parts of the council, and lack of evacuation, said that the situation was an eyesore.

Azhigbe said that, “The heaps of waste keep getting worse; some major roads and drainages have even been blocked.

“There is no plan by the local government to improve the situation and they should come up with a plan where each house will be taxed a particular amount for evacuation,” she said.

Mr John Gaza, another resident of Paseli area, said the Kuje Area Council was gradually becoming an eyesore with heaps of refuse at every corner of the town.

Gaza said that the area council had stationed refuse bins along the road for residents, but lamented that they were not being evacuated as at when due.

“The council’s leadership should think of how to implement projects that will improve the living standard of Kuje people, not projects that will be meaningless to the common man.

“In fact, the heaps of refuse you have seen here is even small, how I wish you would go to the back of the township stadium or back of the secretariat to see things for yourself,” he said.

Going round Kuje, one would find heaps of refuse littering the Kuje Township Stadium environment, market-secretariat Road, Paseli Junction, Kuchiyako Road and Kayarda area with scavengers working their way through the heaps, looking for treasures.(NAN)

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