World War 3 looms as Israel vows to strike Iran’s military facilities


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

Israel has vowed to launch a counter-attack on Iranian military facilities following the recent Iranian attack on Israel, the Israeli ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, said.

Prosor told German broadcaster Welt TV on Tuesday in Germany that Israel would not attack civilian targets, although Tehran’s attacks had certainly been aimed at civilian targets.

The Israeli response would be “against these military facilities of the mullahs and the ayatollahs,” the Israeli envoy said.

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He added that Israel would have to react and that it was important for the region that this deterrence “is very clear.”

He emphasised Israel’s determination to respond, but declined to provide details.

“When, where, and how – that’s something for our war cabinet to decide,” he said.

He, therefore, called on Israel’s allies to show understanding for the Israeli position and to impose stricter sanctions on Iran.

“While Israel listens to its friends, it has to react to Iran’s unprovoked attack with more than 300 missiles aimed at killing Israeli civilians,” he said.

Iran fired more than 300 rockets, cruise missiles, and drones at Israel at the weekend saying it was in retaliation for a suspected Israeli strike on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria that killed two Iranian generals and five officers.

Periscope International recalls that Israel and allied defences intercepted almost all of the incoming fire.

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