Nigerians laud Peter Obi’s mature response to Gov Soludo’s tirade


Photo: L-R Soludo, Obi 

The response of Mr. Peter Obi, former Anambra State governor and presidential candidate of the Labour Party to the bitter tirade of Gov Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State has generated positive ripples.

Soludo had taken to a bitter outburst against his predecessor alleging that Obi is merely a jester and not going to win the presidential election.

He furthered his attacks which many viewed as unnecessary bitterness to castigate the investments Obi made for the state when he was in power as worthless.

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But on Tuesday at the Lagos Business School where Obi spoke as a guest, his calm, wise and measured response was a positive bang that made Soludo look little.

While the anger ignited by Soludo’s outburst raged on social media, Obi’s presidential campaign director general, Dr. Doyin Okupe was on Channels TV Tuesday evening to disparage Soludo’s tirade.

But as Obi spoke, he said he wished Soludo well and prayed for him to succeed and surpass his own achievements.

“He remains my brother, we are very close. I remain prayerful for him. For other things in which I didn’t succeed, God has given him the opportunity to do them and succeed.

“So, if there is anything pending, governance doesn’t finish. People are still in government in America.

“You stop where you will stop, other people will continue from there. I have done my little own as a trader, and now the professor is there he will do his own as a professor.

“The schools I didn’t roof, he will roof them, that’s how the government goes. I am just a trader and he is more intelligent and a professor,” Obi said.

His response drew thunderous applause from the audience.

In reaction to Obi’s brilliant, and classy response, Nigerian netizens rose in praise of what they called his extraordinary wisdom, humility, and superintelligence.

Over 6,000 persons had responded to the Facebook post of the news report on the official page of Channels TV by 8.00 pm Tuesday.

Some of the comments by especially Yusuf Nmor said: “See response. I did my little as Anambra governor, Soludo should do more as a professor. What manner of man is Peter Obi. I fear who no fear him.”

Olajide Ayeni quipped “when the sense is speaking, others listen.”

Jack Obiyan said: “The trader schooled the professor…that is the long and short of the story.”

To Uyi Osunde, the comment showed the rare quality in Obi as he exclaimed: “This man is a rare gem. Nigeria is blessed this time around to have a Peter Obi contesting for president. God has done his bit.

“Peter Obi has done his bit by presenting himself for service. What is left is for Nigerians to do the needful and vote Peter Obi for president.”

Segun Makanjuola noted “what a humble man. I pray Nigeria will not miss this opportunity to elect Peter Obi as their president in 2023.”

Mubarak Sani Ambursa professed: “I love Peter Obi’s choice of words. This is a colourful and intelligent response. Chinua Achebe said: “If you don’t like my story, write your own.”

And to Ernest Emaku Envaluda, Obi’s reply is a “classy response from a classy man to a man who is bitter and thinks that the world revolves around him.

“The president-to-be has spoken words of wisdom. Meanwhile, Soludo has less than three years to “turn Anambra into Dubai,” he sneered.

Cordelia Ilabor noted that: “Your life is worth an applause.”

To Karim Zabaleta, Obi’s response should earn him more votes and he said “Perfectly said. Tell me why I no go love Obi for this wonderful reply.”

Also, to Nasiru Eden Tahilla, it was an amazing clincher and he said: “Kai! What a response. The title His Excellency really suits Mr. Peter Obi.

“He is excellent in character and action. Besides the presidency, there is so much we can learn from him.”

For Michael Olugbenga Ajayi, Obi in his reply to Soludo proved him the right person for the top job.

He said: “No bitterness. This is the man Nigeria needs.”

Eje Moses fell in love with Obi for what he said and commented: “See correct man. Despite what Soludo said to him. In fact, I love this man.”

Augustine Edoaghaye saw Obi as speaking “a very meaningful word… Peter Obi is qualified to be our president.”

Gregory Selbol exclaimed: “The fear of Peter Obi is the beginning of wisdom. God bless you Mr. President. Obidient Movement.”

Ogheneovo Peter William was awed and he said: “wow! What a humble man we have as the next president of Nigeria.”

Isaac Abu noted that: “If all those seeking for political office were like PO, Nigeria would be a better place.”

Ingbian Benjamin sounded carried away and intoned: “So after Soludo wrote an article that will from heaven reach the earth just to diminish Peter Obi, our incoming president answered him in two sentences.

“@Peter Obi is too presidential. God bless you,” he added.

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