Opinion: Datti’s nasty unending leadership hyperboles


Gov Lalong, Datti’s eternal principal.

Opinion: Datti’s nasty unending leadership hyperboles

DATTI loves to write.

He always writes for his master.

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He loves his master. He hides it not. It shows in his writings. He had served as his Commissioner. Now his Chief of Staff at the headquarters of their campaign council in Abuja.

DATTI hates to leave his beloved master undefended. Reasonable or Unreasonable, DATTI will write.

He explains not. He defends. He will vigorously defend. He will explode – like a loitering munition. He will shoot from both hips – even at shadows. He seeks to overrun critics of his beloved.

As a horse catches the scent of a battle and charges into it, so does DATTI charge at anyone who disagrees with his master in any public space.

He adores his master. He alone does. So, his every piece of writing is to dust up his beloved, spray some literary scent on him and make his master look clean, smell fresh, stand guiltless and look very saintly.

In DATTI’s estimation, no, conviction, really, SBL must have no dents, no scratches, and no blemish. SBL, so DATTI’s philosophical supposition points out, is the best that has happened to Plateau in its democratic experience so far.

SBL does only good. DATTI quips. He put the state back into a whole after he inherited it in pieces. He united the people by his appointments. He stopped the killings since he came into office. So no one is being murdered in their homes or farms. He has shoved out ethnic chauvinists. Herders and farmers carry weapons. So why should anyone complain about anyone killing anybody?

SBL has sunk religious differences. DATTI prints. SBL was thus rewarded with the position of Marketer in-chief of his party’s presidential quest. He missed being chosen as canidate for VP of his party only because he elected to be self-sacrificing “for the greater good of the country.”

SBL did so well for his party’s electoral efforts in Plateau State that today, The Presidential Candidate is The President-elect! This, in the belief of DATTI, is “the bigger picture.”

SBL is free of any religious sentiments. He has only enemies who are bidding “to destroy his legacies and pit him against the unsuspecring public.”

SBL sees all that is wrong and does absolutely no wrong – the gospel according to DATTI. And the line continues that SBL received a “standing ovation” from Plateau workers during their May Day gathering. He walked into their midst, declared he had kept faith with them as “governor-alert”, and they in turn praised him to high heavens. DATTI’s expectation is that Plateau workers will have no case to present to the Governor-elect about unpaid salaries.

In DATTI’s words concerning SBL, “the workers in Nigeria love and appreciate him.” They appreciate him because SBL is “one of the few governors to clear inherited backlogs of salaries, gratuities and allowances owed by their predecessors.”

DATTI loves facts. So, it can be interpreted that no one is owed anything in Plateau. There are no “backlogs” in Plateau!

Among his celebrated high points, according to DATTI, SBL “quietly reopened the Plateau State University (PLASU) Bokkos.” PLASU must be quiet too about salaries. All is well. So we’re made to think, feel, believe and evangelise.

DATTI has credited SBL with superlative performances in health, education and agric. Then came the unrelenting stride of SBL in which “he initiated and funded ongoing construction of world class primary and secondary schools under the Lalong Legacy Projects across the state.” DATTI so declares.

You’re bound to ask yourself anytime you come across DATTI’s pieces of writing: what’s he trying to obliterate?

His high adulation of SBL is so loud that it might make the deaf to hear!

He doesn’t seem to even note that he always appears to be talking to himself! He has so lowered the bar of productive friendship that he adds absolutely no value to his master’s image by his literary misadventure.

With DATTI’s hyperboles about his master’s utopian leadership performance, who really needs a political servant?

For his recent piece *What Prof Sha and co-travellers cannot take away from Lalong* , and for all the other pieces of his writing on SBL’s out-of-this-world performance as governor of Plateau for eight whole years, DATTI has crowned himself as an incredibly extravagant exaggerator!

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