Opinion: Knowing Boko Haram terrorists


Opinion: Knowing Boko Haram terrorists

Boko Haram are not Fulanis. They are mainly Kanuris on a Fundamentalist Islamic Jihadist Agenda.

Firstly, they are fighting resolutely, with a clear motive to OVERTHROW the Nigerian Government and impose full blown Sharia rule over Nigeria.

Second they also sought to reclaim leadership of the Muslim Umma (Believers) of Nigeria from the Sokoto Sultanate. Their bombing of Sokoto in 2014, was part of their attempts to do so.

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The Fulani ‘Herdsmen’ Militia on the other hand are the foot soldiers of the Fulani Ethnic Supremacist Agenda, pursued by the Fulani Political Elite Oligarchy.

They are mercenaries Fulani stock drawn from 14 countries of the Sahel, West & Central Africa, including Sudan.

It is the culmination of an Agenda pursued for over 100 years since the invasions by Uthman Dan Fodio.

It is a forceful takeover bid of the country of Nigeria, to rule perpetually and dominate by the Fulani race.

The ascension to power by Buhari was seized as an opportunity to use the wealth and instruments of State, to pursue this bid, which we see being carried out today systemically, with deliberate, strategic and ruthless implemention, by ‘deception and by force’.

Under Buhari the two thrusts have successfully merged to complement the ethno-religious cleansing and Supremacist Agenda of INVASION, DECIMATION & OCCUPATION, beginning from ungoverned, then rural areas and then the cities, eventually.

The facts of this evolution of the combined invaders can be seen in plain sight. This is the big picture, the rest of NIGERIANS need to understand.

This is what should form educated and proactive basis and responses to address our current reality.

Meaning, from this picture, the rest of Nigeria must understand the situation.

The complexity of the composition of the polity, sharply divided along ethnic, religious, ideological, political and partisan divides, demands a deep think through and appreciation, together with wise, godly and honest assessments.

This should be followed by bold and creative measures, to bring solutions and resolutions to deep seated challenges that go far beyond surface or pedestrian perceptions.

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