Panic grips Jos residents as hyena escapes from wildlife park

The hyena


By Aminu Dabo

There is palpable fear in Jos city following the escape of a hyena from custody at the popular Jos Wildlife Park on Monday.

The management of the Plateau State Tourism Corporation, PSTC, announced the disappearance of the hyena in a statement issued after the wild animal was discovered missing.

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The Jos wildlife park is known as one of Plateau’s topmost tourist attractions and a place in Nigeria where nature has been conserved.

The parks management made the announcement as a cautionary measure to safeguard the public and help in apprehending the animal.

“The hyena is currently being tracked by our dedicated team of Game-guards and Park-rangers with the assistance of drone technology,” the statement read.

“We assure the public that we are taking all necessary measures to locate the escaped animal and ensure its safe return to its enclosure soonest.

“We kindly request the public to remain calm and avoid any approach to the hyena if sighted and you can kindly notify the park authorities immediately on 09026927620 & 09131000945.

“We thank you for your cooperation and promise to update the public as soon as the situation is resolved,” the statement said.

Periscope International reports that the hyena, a ferocious carnivorous animal, which feeds on the flesh of animals, including humans, had yet to be found as of the time of filing this report.

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