Police arrest notorious criminal after 8 months on the run


Photo: The arrested suspect

A notorious criminal was arrested in Malawi after being on the run for eight months.

The suspect had jumped bail after being charged with eight counts of house breaking.

When he was rounded him up, he was tired and hungry.

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While he was being walked to the police station, they came across a vendor who was selling drinks and snacks.

Sensing that he would not be granted bail again, the suspect asked the police officer to allow him to eat and the permission was granted.

After eating four bans of milk and drinking three bottles of coke, he signalled the policeman that they should proceed.

The officer asked him if he had paid for the items which he had consumed but he said he had no money.

So the police officer asked him who was to pay for the drinks but the suspect told the officer to add the unpaid drinks offence to the 8 previous charges against him as count 9 to enable him serve the expected sentence.

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