Russia backing Niger Junta —Ex-Minister


Photo: Russia’s President Putin 

Russia backing Niger Junta  —Ex-Minister

Amb. Aminu Wali, Nigeria’s former Minister Of Foreign Affairs, has alleged that Russia is backing Niger’s military junta that ousted former President Mohammad Bazoum last month, adding that the Russians were already on their way to Niger.

Wali explained that all the coupists in Mali, Burkina Faso, and now Niger, have got the support of the external forces, adding that the military interventions made by Nigeria in Sao Tome and Gambia were different from the scenario in Niger.

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According to him, it’s difficult for Nigeria to engage in warfare with Niger due to the closeness between both nations.

”The coupists are not prepared to leave; they have taken on and have in fact created a problem in our sub-region.

“The Russians have come in and they are also on their way into Niger. I’m sure they are talking to them.

“Sao Tome and Gambia, they are two different issues. But here, for us, it is very, very difficult.

“The closure of the borders that were imposed is biting both Niger and Nigeria,” Wali said.

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