President Tinubu will announce ministerial nominees soon —Spokesman


Photo: President Bola Tinubu

President Tinubu will announce ministerial nominees soon —Spokesman

President Bola Tinubu will announce  the names of ministerial nominees as soon as he is ready, his spokesman, Dele Alake has said.

Alake who made this known while addressing reporters in Abuja on Thursday, however, said the ministerial list was not yet ready.

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Periscope International reports that some media outlets, recently reported that Tinubu had compiled his list of ministerial nominees and was already in the process of screening prior to submission to the National Assembly.

The presidential spokesman who said that he was amused by the barrage of reports on the matter, stressed that it was all speculation.

According to him, the unique executive presidential system empowers the president with the sole prerogative to unveil the cabinet list.

Alake added that the President will soon determine the most opportune time for its release. 

He dismissed the various speculations, innuendos and rumors circulating in the media as baseless fabrications.

“About the ministerial list, the simple truth is that, you know, this is an executive presidency, we’re not running a parliamentary system.

“So the buck stops on the President’s table, and he decides when it’s fit and proper for him to make his cabinet list. 

“So, we are not unaware of all the speculations, and innuendos and rumours, all kinds of things in the media.

“Now, I as a media man, I chuckled to myself that people just want to sell, so they just fabricate. 

“I can tell you all of those things you’ve been reading in the media are mere fabrications. There is no iota of truth in all of those things.

“When the President is good and ready, you will be the first to know about his intentions,” Alake added.

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