UN panel pays $600m compensation to Kuwait oil firm for Iraq invasion

Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees speaks during a press conference at the Launch of the Regional Flash Appeal Following recent events in Libyan Arab Jamahiri

Photo: António Guterres, UN Scribe

A United Nations panel said on Tuesday that it paid out $600 million to Kuwait’s national oil company as compensation for Iraq’s 1990-1991 invasion and occupation of Kuwait

According to the Associated Press, the U.N. Compensation Commission said it had so far paid out $51.3 billion since approving some 1.5 million claims related to the invasion by governments and international organizations in 2005.

The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation successfully claimed $14.7 billion for oil production and sales losses resulting from damage to the country’s oil fields during the 1990-91 Iraqi invasion and occupation that resulted in the U.S.-led Gulf War.

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The corporation is the sole remaining claimant and can expect to receive a further $1.1 billion.

Under a 1991 U.N. Security Council resolution, Iraq set aside a percentage of proceeds from its oil exports for the compensation fund.

That share is currently set at 3%, the panel said.

At the current rate of payment, the final tranche is expected to be paid within a year.

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