What if Tinubu carries grace?


By Anonymous

One thing you must accept is that some people have grace, and you cannot take it away from them.

What if Tinubu carries grace?

Dino Melaye threatened to violate his wife; today, Dino has been trying to revive his political career after he was booted out of the senate.

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Elisha Abbo was one of those who talked down on his wife and also opposed Tinubu/Shettima ticket. Abbo was booted out of the senate.

Abdullahi Adamu was opposed to him, and he is today without a job.

Kofoworola Buknor-Akerele fought him and got kicked out of politics.

Godwin Emefiele attempted to fight him, but today, he is a pitiable sight to behold.

Obaseki attempted to humiliate him; today, he is having difficulties governing Edo State because he is fighting everybody.

One of Osinbajo’s aides, Babafemi Ojudu, talked down on this man, and today, the man is licking his wounds.

The man demystified Obasanjo. The man demystified Ayo Adebanjo. The man demystified messianic political tendencies. The man even openly opposed some of Buhari’s policies. He is still standing.

Pastors and latter-day christian political pontiffs opposed him. One by one, their prophesies came to doom and they were put to shame. Those are people who claimed to be God’s mouthpieces.

At the height of PDP rigging machinery, he was the last man standing. In an opposition and outside politics, he helped his party win back the states they lost and through alliance, crippled the PDP into a toothless opposition.

Since that time, PDP has consistently handed presidential ticket to a serial loser as if they have no presidential materials.

While those who fought him ended in political poverty and went into oblivion, those who respected him and honoured him rose to the heights of their pursuits and did well!

Despite all the things said against this man, despite death some of you wished upon him, he is still standing strong. At first try, he won the coveted seat.

Does this not tell you something? Those of you opposing him and making fun of him, are your lives better by so doing?

Tinubu had no business becoming president after the dismal performance of former president Buhari on security, economy and anti-corruption. But greed, immaturity and tactlessness made Atiku, Obi and Kwankwaso hand him the presidency. Is that not grace?

You can criticize him and his policies constructively; but mocking him? The man may be carrying grace that some of you cannot fathom.

Let me sound like a low-budget pastor: mocking a man with grace can only bring disgrace.

If you look at the Holy Books, God’s instruments were not picked from the popular, the high and mighty or the expected, but the picked were made popular, high and mighty because the anointing was Grace.

I don’t know if Tinubu has been anointed. But looking at how people conspired against him to eventually help him win, it speaks of a mysterious power that set confusion in the camp of the opposition. If na juju, that juju strong gan.

Some may argue that he rigged elections. You don’t agree that he rigged elections in Lagos, Abuja, Osun, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, but you claim he rigged to win. Where exactly did he rig election and how?

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