Why I have 4 children from different men instead of my husband


Photo: Mrs Oluwatoyin Olarewaju.

Why I have 4 children from different men instead of my husband

Mrs Oluwatoyin Olarewaju, a woman who was exposed by a DNA test result by her husband to have had four children from extramarital affairs with other men instead of her husband has owned up with a damning explanation.

The Yoruba native of Osun State, who is popularly called Mummy G.O, has confirmed that her husband is not the biological father of all her four children, saying she had to do it to bare children and keep the secret of her husband who is impotent.

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She said: “Never you blame or curse me for what the DNA test brought out. My husband can’t perform at all, and I kept this secret by meeting other men outside for us to have children.”

Speaking to a group of Journalists at Ikire, in Osun State, she stated that she married her husband in 2007, and later discovered that he can’t perform in bed.

According to her, she did not want this secret to leak to their church members and the general public that was the reason why she stepped outside to meet other men for sexual intercourse.

She challenged her husband’s family to tell him to look for another woman and sleep with her to confirm her claim.

“Let him or his family get him another woman and sleep with her, and confirm what I said,” she added.

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